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Random WTF Friday

Awkward Stock Photos – WTF Friday

If there is any time where my day job and side hobby worlds collide, it would be on a stock photography website. I can’t recount the number of times I was searching for a stock image when I encountered one of the weirdest and…

August 6, 2010
WTF Friday

People of Craigslist – WTF Friday

I was going to write about some of my rather awkward and annoying experiences dealing with the people of Criagslist, but this email string pretty much wrote the post itself… WTF people of Craigslist? ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Listing: Large Area rug; Black/red/gold 11′ x 9′…

May 11, 2010
WTF Friday

Do you see what I see? WTF Friday

It’s WTF Friday lite edition. Today I’ll let you figure out my WTF moment I had when I looked at this nice postcard I received in the mail today. Hint: It’s not the fact that they put the emphasis/caps on the wrong words. Can…

April 2, 2010
WTF Friday

WTF Friday – KANCHO!

Our IT team has a pretty sick sense of humour (which I love), but their jokes always seem to err on the side of…well…just wrong. They also always find a way to run a joke dead and into the ground for over a year…

March 19, 2010
AOL 9.5 disk in the mail
WTF Friday

AOL 9.5 or AOL ’95? WTF?

After joking around the other day about the old AOL discs we used to get in the mail or on the counters at convenient stores and kiosks, it was brought to my attention that they TO THIS VERY DAY continue to produce these discs.…

February 12, 2010
WTF Friday

WTF Friday – Hyperlink Generator

I would like to know who let these people out in the world without their leashes? The following is an email, names and subjects removed, that really did happen sometime this week at someone’s workplace (may or may not be mine). Enjoy and understand…

January 29, 2010
WTF Friday

Avatar WTF?!

I’ve decided to ban Avatar from my want to see movie list. I know, I know, everyone is in love with this Pocahontas meets Matrix graphic rich story, but I’m irked. I mean you spend millions upon millions of dollars on cutting edge CGI…

January 2, 2010