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Italy Day 14 – Bafia

Highlight of the Day: Meeting family from 4,460 miles away! Steps: 10,303 (probably more bumps than steps) Miles: 4.37 I feel like I need to step back into a little more context before discussing day 14’s events, just so you can understand how emotional…

August 23, 2015
fort point photographers
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San Francisco – Fort Point

Another day, another post full of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sorry if it’s overkill, but you know it’s my first time here and it’s just so pretty Ducks fly together! Or in this case, pelicans?… This is as close as I’m getting to…

August 17, 2015
sunset profile golden gate
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San Francisco – Sunset Sailing

We booked a last minute trip to San Francisco and got here yesterday morning. Unfortunately, John was hit with a fever/cold on Friday so he spent most of the day just trying to pop his ears from the flights in, so we didn’t have…

August 16, 2015
segesta black and white
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Italy Day 13 – Segesta, Trapani and Erice

Highlight of the Day: Sicily has a Tuscany of it’s own! Steps: 15,341 Miles: 6.5 Today was the first day of our 3 day tour with our guide Rosy and her husband Miguel.  Most parts of Sicily aren’t exactly tourist friendly so I knew we…

July 12, 2015
palermo horse
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Italy Day 12 – Palermo

Highlight of the Day: Creepy Capuchin ‘catacombs’ Steps: 17,521 Miles: 7.4 Day 12 began the last leg of our journey off the normal tourist path into Sicily. After looking at all our options, I booked the 4 of us to head down from Rome…

July 7, 2015
herculaneum column
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Italy Day 11 – Herculaneum

Highlight of the Day: Beautiful sunset on the high speed train Steps: 20,461 Miles: 8.6 I mixed it up a little bit for this trip, because instead of heading over to Pompeii, I chose to visit the lesser known site of Herculaneum. Unlike Pompeii which was…

July 1, 2015
st peter's basilica
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Italy Day 10 – Roaming Around Rome

Highlight of the Day: Best pizza we’ve had so far, and puff pastry pie  (it’s a thing) Steps: 12,001 Miles: 5.1 We slept in later than normal and took our time relaxing in the morning. After eating some of the most amazing pizza and puff…

June 29, 2015
forum poppies
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Italy Day 9 – Colosseum & Roman Forum

Highlight of the Day: Learned about the Vestal Virgins, would not have wanted that job… Steps: 26,607 Miles: 11.28 For Day 9 I booked a walking tour through the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. We were staying in the Monti area (totally recommend for food…

June 21, 2015
vatican tapestry
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Italy Day 8 – Bye Florence, Hello Rome!

Highlight of the Day: We just happened upon the Mille Miglia as the cars made their way through St Peter’s Square at night (and I have NO pictures of it) Steps: 13,748 Miles: 5.83 The city cried for us as we left on Friday,…

June 20, 2015