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Skógafoss – Iceland

February 1, 2015

I’ll admit, there are many, and many amazing waterfalls throughout Iceland, but none captured my attention quite like Skogafoss. I’m pretty sure it was the perfect timing of sunlight and sheer force of spray coupled with the beautiful rainbows that made me fall in love.

According to legend, the first settler in the area buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. Supposedly the locals found the chest years later, but were only able to grasp the ring on the side of the chest before it disappeared again. The ring was ‘allegedly’ given to a local church which is now housed in a museum (whether or not it is the real ring we may never know… my precious).

I had my tripod and ND filter in hand to create one of my favorite nature photos thus far:

Skogafoss rainbow

The greatest part about this waterfall is it’s literally right off the main ring road, on the way to other popular destinations, so it’s something you absolutely can’t and won’t want to miss.

iceland winter 2014-54


A little bit of perspective of the force and size of water behind me
power of skogafoss

And yes, that’s snow, and yes it’s winter… I know I know, winter and waterfalls = COLD, but this one was so awesome I couldn’t resist. Fair warning, bundle up and waterproof!

christa in front of skogafoss


This was John about 2 minutes before he decided to enter the fall’s spray (yes, it’s still winter) with his go pro. Needless to say we high tailed it back to the car shortly after as he was thoroughly soaked. John in front of skogafoss

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