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San Francisco – Fort Point

August 17, 2015

Another day, another post full of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sorry if it’s overkill, but you know it’s my first time here and it’s just so pretty :)

Ducks fly together! Or in this case, pelicans?…
birds over the bay

This is as close as I’m getting to ‘The Rock’ (said in Sean Connery voice EVERY. TIME.) on this trip
the rock

Mixing it up with a little black and white sunburst
golden gate bridge black and white

As the sun was setting, we missed the ball of fire since we wanted twilight shots up close to the bridge
golden gate bridge at sunset

And this is what we were waiting for
golden gate twilight

Joined by a lovely group of fellow photographers

fort point photographers

My blue twilight light fading

golden gate bridge night

Ok last photo of the night, it’s a bit chilly, time to fetch an uber back
golden gate bridge at night

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