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Italy Day 3 – Soglio Switzerland

June 10, 2015

Highlight of the Day: Soglio is one of the most peaceful and tranquil places I’ve ever visited + BONUS waterfall! (I love waterfalls)
Total Steps: 12,968
Total Miles: 5.5

Remember that optional day I penciled into the itinerary for Saturday but we all decided we were just too tired of travel to follow through with? Well, last minute we agreed we still wanted to see a tiny piece of Switzerland if we got the chance, so I emailed the taxi company late at night in hopes they would be available. Nelly, our previous driver’s wife, emailed me to meet her in the town square at 9am to set off for the day…. and WOW I’m so happy we did because it truly was an amazing day. It was almost so perfect I had to pinch myself a few times just to check.

Nelly was on time but I managed to snap a few morning sunburst church shots before we jumped into the van to head north.
varenna church

About an hour and a half of a very smooth and beautiful ride later, we drove into town

Flower wall when you first get into town, definitely need to recreate this at home.

christa and mom

First selfie in Soglio!
john and christa in soglio

Stretching our legs looking around
mom and dad walking the town

So it’s probably time I should mention that Soglio isn’t really a first stop for tourists. In fact I asked Nelly if anyone requests to visit there and she said she hadn’t driven there in 10 years. It’s not totally off the beaten path but it was definitely refreshing to enter such a small little town with absolutely NO NOISE pollution, just the sound of cuckoo birds in the distance. In order to get there without a car you have to take a train and 2 buses. We also got there early on a Sunday, and as it turns out nothing is open in town on Sundays. That’s ok, we walked through the enchanting stone and stone roof houses that haven’t seemed to change in hundreds of years. The town has been noted to be in existence since around 1100 but I’m not sure exactly how old the houses were.
soglio rooftops

Every time I look at these pictures even now I start singing “The hills are alive, with the sound of muuuuussssic!”
rainbows over soglio

I wasn’t sure if we were still on a public town path or a private yard, but I kept climbing
soglio switzerland

Managed to find my door shot of the day 😉  Although this one was not Italian…
soglio door

I was ready to buy a barn and convert it at this point!
mom in front of soglio barn

Bonus door shot!
soglio barn door

Cute little truck just waiting for us to take a spin
soglio truck

AHHH! I just can’t get over how freaking beautiful this place is! Seriously unreal, I didn’t even need to try to take good photos.

At this point I’m getting better at taking selfies (no selfie stick thank ya) with my 14mm manual lens. Talent folks!
soglio selfie with the family

Finally a hotel restaurant opened for the day so we took a seat with a view and ordered some fancy schmancy food, coffee, and tea.
soglio switzerland

Fresh goat cheese made from the area and some nasty honey. We later found out this is a special honey that takes a refined palate to appreciate. Still tasted like manure to me 😛
goat cheese in soglio

Of course we couldn’t leave Switzerland without trying the strudel
swiss strudel

Confirmation we were in Switzerland!
swiss flag with mountains

OK, time to head back (trust me I really didn’t want to)I had a little idea as well. On the way up to Switzerland we passed by this gorgeous waterfall. If you don’t know me well, you will soon learn I’m a freak for waterfalls (See posts here and here) I managed to convince our driver to stay, even though we were over out time limit as it was. This fall was called Cascate Acquafraggia. BONUS Waterfall 😀

I told you I’m getting better at these selfies – k maybe this isn’t a great example
Acquafraggia selfie

Obligatory pose in front of gorgeous falling waterCascate Acquafraggia

Gratuitous flower shot of the day, on the way back into town.
fiumelatte flowers

Once back in town we realized how well I actually planned this trip because the streets were full of motorcyclists and just PEOPLE. SO MANY PEOPLE. They were trained in, bussed in and ferried in, and there was almost no room to stand. We went back to our sanctuary to soak up some rays and do some laundry before heading to Florence the next day.

varenna sun
varenna drying clothes

Finally things started to die down as the day tourists flooded out and the trash cans were overflowing with empty gelato cups. We snagged a quick pizza and bottle of cheap wine and stood at a table with our plastic cups. varenna last dayJohn and I also set out to get some timelapses of the town before we left, so I of course took pictures of him taking pictures. It’s a thing now

taking timelapses in varenna

It was time to pack but first the last sunset of Varenna on this trip

varenna sunset

On to Day 4

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