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Italy Day 10 – Roaming Around Rome

June 29, 2015

Highlight of the Day: Best pizza we’ve had so far, and puff pastry pie  (it’s a thing)
Steps: 12,001
Miles: 5.1

We slept in later than normal and took our time relaxing in the morning. After eating some of the most amazing pizza and puff pastry pie in the world (mom and dad maybe not so happy with their zucchini flower+anchovie choice) we headed to the market to buy groceries for dinner, because eating out every meal isn’t as satisfying 10 days later.

By 2 or 3pm we finally decided to head on over to the Vatican to check out the Basilica during the day. I heard that if you go after a certain time the line dies down significantly. I neglected to realize that the time it dies down AFTER 4 o’clock mass… this is the mass line we waited in as our skin turned lobster red. This also happened to be non existent about 1 hour after we stood in it. Oh well, you live and you learn. It moved fast at least 😉

vatican line

Finally at the front after sweating our behinds off, much cooler inside I was sure of it!

st peter's basilica

Amen for cool air!

st peter's

Michelangelo’s La Pieta

la pieta

No other church in the world like this… serenity now

st peters alter

Everyone joins in on the sun rays, whoever planned this church did a hell of a job


One of my favorite pictures,  managed to capture my dad in the zone of light. Black and white seemed to suit this picture well.

feeling the spirit

Cathedral photo op

family at the vatican

Op #2

family at the vatican

This is the point where John, dad and I decided to head up to the dome. The boys wimped out and purchased an elevator ticket, whereas I decided the whole thing from bottom to cupola needed to be covered on foot. As we met up at the duomo, we accidentally happened on the pope giving mass. (That’s him there in the white hat. I’ve been assured only he wears the white hat)

the pope

Wall mosaic around the dome

vatican mosaic

Ok, here I am, by myself, 551 steps later sweating my self silly because you have to have your shoulders covered even in 90 degree heat

sweaty from the climb

But I made it! The boys wouldn’t finish the trek because there was no elevator. I took my time because with this view and the breeze, I was in no rush.

vatican view of the square

Loving this cloud over St Peter’s square and the shadow of the Basilica is kind of perfect

st peter's square

On the rooftop somewhere trying to find my way back down. Sunbursts, I haz them

top of the vatican

I may have taken a little too much time climbing, because the taxi driver regretted to inform us we were 5 minutes late to the Pantheon closing for the day. Whoops


At least there was some live entertainment

That’s ok, for some reason we were still in good spirits, we didn’t want to see the Pantheon anyway. I mean, it’s just an old building right? Pshh

pantheon selfie

Oh look, a fountain, that’s just as cool

pantheon fountain

Screw the Pantheon, we’ll just go head over to the next awesome site, Piazza Navona. We had about 3 amazing guitar acts fighting for our ear in this plaza, I wish we could have hung around longer, if only our stomachs and tootsies weren’t screaming at us.

piazza navona

Listen folks, I am not lacking for sunbursts in Rome. Sun [check], bursts [check]. Even cooler fountain [check]

piazza navona fountain

And the sun went down, which meant no more sunbursts, which meant it was time for us to head in for the night and cook some fresh Italian food of our own. Check out this awesome meal of fresh mozzarella, pasta, tomatoes, olives & olive oil, and basil straight from the window sill plant. MMMMMmmmm

fresh pasta dinner

Ok, time to hit the hay, big day tomorrow. On to Day 11

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