Well, I’ve obviously found my new obsession of having a real winter. I know what you’re thinking… It’s snow isn’t it? No, no,  I mean the snow is cute. It certainly is beautiful when it’s falling, and I love how it sparkles in the sun. It’s also awesome to throw my cat into it on the porch, run away and close the door (what? oh come on you know I would never do such a thing)

But seriously folks, I’m OBSESSED with ice. Acually, icicles to be precise. I mean how cool are these cold clear daggers of death?! I’ve managed to annoy hubs everywhere we go by pointing out every house, building and sign that has them hanging. I’m particularly fond of the icicle twinkle lights with icicles hanging off of them. So you must know how EXCITED I was to play with this monster:

Christa Approved!

Thinking of all the dangerous things I can do with this sucker!

My Dexter pose (the "perfect" weapon)

My artistic interpretation

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