Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

January 21, 2016

Welp folks, it’s that time of year where I rehash my old goals and update new ones, because you should always know what you are chasing after! Let’s see how well I did at last year’s goals shall we?


  • Continue traveling internationally – I ABSOLUTELY accomplished this with a huge trip to Italy/Sicily. The fun don’t stop there folks because we have much more in store for 2016! 
  • Up the stakes on my investments
    • Hit max 401k contributions again – oh you betcha! 
    • Save at least $2,000 towards new car for after lease is up – I doubled down on this – over $5500 and counting!
    • Keep paying extra principal on mortgage – decided to actually keep that cash liquid and throw it into investments (fingers crossed those will yield more than 4%!)
  • Improve my management skills
    • Read at least 2 self improvement books and apply to current career – I’m about halfway through 4 books haha, and finished 1. I would say that experience is definitely the fastest way of learning, I also enjoy reading HBR articles, but find myself comparing and validating myself with them. 
    • Clearly define my management style and act on it – I have a sense of this, but realize it will change as I grow.
  • Blog more
    • Now that my site is back up and functional (yay!) I’d like to post at least twice a month…  – The beginning of the year I achieved this, but failed towards the end as work consumed my time. I do intend to complete my Italy and new Iceland blogs as well. 
  • Read more books
    • My Goodreads goal for the year is 25 books – Well, I got 14 ish books (4 unfinished), which isn’t terrible. I never can seem to finish business books #fault
  • Improve my photography
    • Stars & Milky way – Last year I tackled improving my nature photography, and I attempted a few night/milky way shots, but this year I’d love to try for more night time and stars again – Truthfully, I only got 1 dark sky photo last year, but I loved every bit of it. Will continue to test it out this year for sure.
    • Just keep shooting – try and reduce the gaps between picking up my camera – Again, I was good up until about June when work just overcame me… It will happen though, just you wait. It’s been calling my name!
  • Work it out
    The easiest thing would probably be to sign up for something like tough mudder, but here are my working goals for the year:

    • At least 1 pull up (I’ve never been able to do this before – so it’s big for me) – Still working on this
    • Be able to jog a 5k again like it is a walk in the park – I can slow jog it, and regular jog about half. This will be completed soon!
    • 10 full push ups with no break in form – YES! And my yoga vinyasas are much improved as well!
    • lose AT LEAST 5% body fat – This goal will be rolling into next year. At least 3% down, much more to go. Stay tuned!

All in all not a terrible year. Of course so much more happened, but it’s fun to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys?) and really push yourself for tangible goals. Keep an eye out for this year’s goals, coming soon!


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