Baby Lukas

October 13, 2015

Two weekends ago I had the biggest honor of meeting and photographing baby Lukas Salvador Castro Schulz for the first time. I haven’t done a newborn shoot in oh, 5 or so years, so I was a bit nervous, but since this is my best friend’s first baby it was very relaxing and truly a joy to stay with them and experience his first week in this world. We also had quite a bit of fun with flags and other props. Thank you Mareike & Orlando, for entrusting Lukas’s first “professional” photos to me and I hope to get to visit with you all again soon! Now on to the fun part…

First it was a bath for the star of the show. Mareike got him all cleaned up for his photoshoot. This is actually the towel her mom used when she was a baby. In fact there were a lot of blankets and clothing that were hand me downs from her family – some over 35 years old that looked brand new!
baby yawn

We got him into a nice milk coma and brought out the big guns, erm I mean basket 😉

lukas in a basket

Look at that little sleepy face

sleeping baby

Since his momma is from Germany, his father from Panama, and his mother just recently getting her full US citizenship (congrats!) we decided to have some fun with flags for this truly all american melting pot baby.
baby lukas flags

Representing all the countries

german panamanian american

A little German mohawk going on

baby german flag

Cute little frown when I switched out to the Panamanian flag

baby panama flag

U-S-A all the way!

baby american flag

OK, I’ll admit, this next shot is my ULTIMATE favorite. He’s so unintentionally adorable, I just can’t! All of these props represent the northern part of Germany where Mareike is from, the shirt and bandana are the traditional fisherman outfit. He is super excited to be representing the north.

northern germany baby

And then I got to put a baby in a hat – eeeks 😀 #toocute

This is a traditional bavarian hat and saying (I have no idea what it means though)

bavarian baby

Unfortunately we were fast running out of daylight due to the constant in climate weather in Florida, but we had just enough time for a Cat in the Hat onesie and chair shot. This was the theme of her baby shower and his nursery.

thing one baby

I can’t wait to see how big he gets compared to this chair and stuffed animal

cat in the hat baby

And how could we resist, the mommy+daddy+baby hands and feet shots. They’ll never be this small again, so savior it.

lukas finger

Too precious (we totally had to google how to make this picture work, but I think it turned out alright)

baby feet heart

Seen you soon baby Lukas! Don’t grow up too fast in the mean time :*

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